Lease, Foster, or Adopt!


+/- 18yo, 14.1hhPalomino, Kids’ Mare!!

Sound, gentle, well-behaved, cute as the day is long, and has some pep when asked! Safe for all but the most timid beginners, Bella needs some new kids to love on her! Like all of us, Bella needs regular work to stay in good shape! She has been leased to a few different young ladies in the last several years, who used her for lessons and took her to a few schooling shows (blue ribbons!!) but alas they have all gone on to purchase their own horses, so she’s looking for a new friend! Some lease terms and price negotiable, but she is not available for off-site lease or sale. Owner covers all vet, farrier, and other living expenses; lease at a fraction of what it would cost to own your own horse! If you have a child interested in horses, this is a GREAT way to get started!!! Ok to bring your own insured trainer. Email to set up an appointment to meet her! (Owned by Fawnwood Ranch)


Fawnwood often fosters rescue horses in partnership with Colorado Horse Rescue Network and Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue, However at this tine all the horses we’ve fostered recently have been placed!! If you are interested in adopting or fostering feel free to contact us or explore the links above!



6yo, 12.1hh, Dark Bay, Mustang Mare

Shuga is so cute it’s almost too much to bear! She’s loaded with personality (read, “sass”) but has a heck of a brain and is a lot of fun once you click with her (which doesn’t take long). She’s green broke, and because of her size needs a small adult or very confident, competent older child to finish her training. Because of her size she’s a little tough to place so we will consider a trainer release, but this girl has had five homes in her six years so the goal is definitely a “forever” home. She is not the pony for grandma and grandpa to keep in the back yard for the occasional ride, she gets fat on air and needs a job to keep her out of mischief and a healthy weight. With the right training and consistency could make a great lesson horse, pack-horse, cart pony, or honestly do anything for a small adult.  Can’t be on pasture or given free choice hay unless she’s worked VERY frequently, but has awesome feet (should only require shoes in extreme situations), mustang stamina, and is an easy keeper. Pictures and video don’t do her justice, she’s got lovely gaits and is just the cutest little thing to be around. If she was 3hh taller she’d be my dream horse and you’d have to pry her from our cold dead hands! Email with questions or to set up a meeting! (Offered through Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue)




22yo, 14.1hh, Liver Chestnut, QH Mare

If the info on this horse was less reliable I’d think they got it all wrong! Connie is positively beautiful, looks maybe half her age, and certainly doesn’t seem like a horse with her history. Connie spent her life as a nicely pedigreed broodmare, and as such is only green-broke. She’s been through the starvation cycle more than once, and based on her demeanor when she came in has likely had some pretty rough treatment. However she’s warmed up nicely, developed trust for the many people she encounters here and seems to be better at trusting strangers now, too. She’s also starting to enjoy her brief sessions under saddle! (Absolutely no buck or rear!) She’s a healthy weight now, but because of her age and inexperience, a little patience will be expected when getting her truly “in shape” for lengthy workouts. However she is sound and should be able to handle W/T/C for a recreational rider nicely! (Or keep this pretty little girl around as fancy companion yard-art. Her pretty shape and rich color could go that way too!) Does require a fair amount of senior to maintain healthy weight; currently barefoot for arena work and short dirt trails but would probably benefit from front shoes for trails or lengthy work. Email for more info! (Offered through Colorado Horse Rescue Network)




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