About Us

Bill is an El Paso County native who spent much of his childhood in Black Forest. An alumnus of Liberty High School and UCCS, he’s also lived in Nebraska, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and San Diego. Horses have always been an interest of his, but family and career moves made the pursuit of that interest a distant reality for much of his life. It wasn’t until his return to Colorado in 2011 that he finally was able to realize his dreams of owning and working with horses and livestock.

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Fawnwood Ranch has been in his family since the 1980s and provided the background for many happy childhood memories. Bill has throughly enjoyed the last few years rehabilitating the property and learning horsemanship skills and is now excited to be able to share this beautiful property with the local community.

Right about the time the Fawnwood barn was being built, Megan was born in Kansas City, MO. Some time around the age of five or six some family friends put her on a pony and the love affair began! At age 11 her family moved to Southern California and despite the expense and logistical complications, she took weekly lessons for about ten years. Eventually college loomed and her love of horses was forced onto the back burner.

In 1998 she moved to Fort Collins, CO and instantly fell in love with the state, in no small part because of the equine-rich environment and mentality. She worked as a bartender and retail manager, and jumped at every chance to ride friends’ horses.

In 2008 Megan relocated to Colorado Springs, met Bill, and the two decided to move to San Diego for a job opportunity in Bill’s field of IT. Megan took two part-time jobs, one at a doctor’s office and one working as an assistant for a professional photographer.

Although the jobs worked out well, the lifestyle did not, and after two years Megan and Bill found themselves longing for the mountains and rivers (and creatures!) of Colorado. In June of 2011 they loaded everything up, moved into the barn apartment at Fawnwood Ranch, and the rest… well the rest is pretty obvious!

In addition to Co-Managing Fawnwood with Bill, Megan also volunteers extensively with Colorado Horse Rescue Network, Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region, and the ASPCA, working primarily on animal transport and emergency preparedness and evacuation cases.

Our Philosophy

We believe in balance in all things. We want your horse to get exactly what it needs to be as healthy and happy as possible, regardless of what your horse’s discipline or stage in life may be. We think variety in these regards creates a balanced environment where horses and riders of many disciplines and levels can thrive.

We believe in the wisdom of nature, and aim to work in concert with it instead of trying to resist or control it. We approach problem solving from a broad perspective, whether it be weed control, a training conundrum, or a tractor repair dilemma.


Fawnwood is not just a boarding facility, it’s also our home and a bit of a hobby farm too. We take pride in our animals, our facility, our business, and our relationships, and we strive to show that in all that we do.