Boot Hill

In Memoriam of Our Departed Friends


IMG_00452004 – February 2018

Bender probably had more nicknames than he had pounds: Bendable, Turbo, Turbs, Muttley, Pooper, Little Dog… He was a 10 lbs Yorkie that traveled through many phases of Bill’s life before learning to enjoy ranch life. He was about as cute as a bug’s ear and but if you caught him howling you’d likely laugh so hard you’ll fall out of your saddle. He was beloved by all but had a bond with Bill that is the stuff Disney movies are made of. His cute antics and deep loving eyes may no longer be shared with new visitors to the ranch but will be in our hearts forever.


IMG_6897March 2008- September 2017

Don’t let the name fool you, Flash was a girl—a fact which would be hard to forget once you saw her beautiful face. Also known as Princess, and occasionally Sweet Jane, Flash was a Border Collie/Belgian Shepard mix, who came to us with permanent tendon damage in one leg in Fall 2011. At that time she was reserved and skittish, but she came out of her shell to say the least. She was happiest chewing on deer antlers or within about 30 feet of Megan, but occasionally took a half-hearted jog around the perimeter of the barn in pursuit of a bunny. In Spring of 2017 a large, malignant tumor appeared on her already-damaged leg, and the decision was made to amputate. Unfortunately that surgery only bought her a few more months and she lost her battle with cancer in September of 2017. She was an exceptionally beautiful girl with a resilient, loving heart, and we miss her every day.




1999-December 2016

Hondo came to Fawnwood as a package deal with Bella in 2014. Hondo’s history is shrouded in mystery, but we do know he was a BLM Mustang with a 1999 brand. Based on the time it took for him to warm up to us, and some info given by his previous owner, we believe he had a hard life before coming to Fawnwood, but before too long he became a trusted trail horse and a revered “Old Soul” member of the family. He was never a treat hound or the type to follow you around, but kept his warm eyes on us and his herd mates all the time. He died unexpectedly in December of 2016 from causes that could not be determined by a CSU necropsy, leaving a hole in our hearts and our herd that will never be filled.