Pasture Boarding

Horses that are pasture boarded receive unlimited access to hay or green grass depending on the season, as well as a rotation of a variety of mineral blocks. We don’t want to overgraze our pastures, so you never have to worry that we’ll skimp on the hay!


We also do a head count and “put eyes on” all horses twice a day, when we freshen up the heated water troughs in each pasture and bring the horses that get grain in for their meals. Each pasture has 5-8 horses, so no one is left lonely, or gets too lost in the crowd, and so that everyone has shed space. Pastures are divided by gender (with one notable exception!) which helps limit drama. When your horse arrives we’ll tailor a plan for herd introduction based on its needs. (For example, we like to let horses that ship in from out of state acclimate before we introduce them to their new friends.) Then we monitor the herd closely to make sure everyone is playing nice!


Handling your horse during farrier and vet visits, and additional daily feedings or medication administration for short term periods are available to our Pasture Boarding clients at rates determined on a per-case basis.