Stall + Corral Boarding

Our facility includes a limited number of large, premium stalls, each with automatic waterers and access to both the barn alley and generously-sized individual, attached outdoor corrals.


Because of our emphasis on providing a natural environment for horses, we prefer to reserve these stall + corrals for horses with special veterinary needs, horses in intensive training, or horses with owners who have a limited ability to catch a horse in pasture. We maintain one stall with a smaller corral for newly arriving horses to use while they acclimate, or in case a pasture horse needs stall rest.


Stall + Corral Board includes quality grass hay 2x daily, mineral block, stalls mucked at least 1x a day and corrals mucked with whatever reasonable frequency weather allows (usually every day, generally 2x/day in high fly season, less often when there’s 10 inches of snow). We will feed grain and/or supplements provided by you 2x daily, and blanket as needed. Subject of course to the needs of the horse, all stall + corral board horses get turn out in our grassy 2 acre pasture per your instruction, weather and other horses’ needs permitting, with a goal of a minimum 2 half-days a week (usually much more).